A system that promotes healthier eating habits by connecting an individual’s unique dietary requirements and food preferences to nutritional data and menu options in restaurants and canteens.
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Healthy eating has been a global consideration. But for young people who want to control body weight and keep healthy, it is difficult to understand the food data (nutrition, calorie, and ingredients) of each dish in university canteens or other chain restaurants, making it difficult to choose a right meal to meet individual wants and needs. Also, it is difficult for restaurants and canteens to understand each costumer.
I propose my-Diet. The restaurant can share the food data including nutrition, calorie, and ingredients of each dish to each customer. Nutrition data will connect individual nutrition balance; Calorie data will connect with the energy intake associated with bodyweight; Ingredients data will connect with personal preferences, allergy, and food intake records.
Each user can be directly suggested a personalized meal - A meal has just the right number of calories from just the right mix of macro - and micro-nutrients; A meal that does not conflict with any allergies and - of course - a meal that is good to eat. Portions of dishes are dispensed into bespoke lunchboxes that assist serving staff in quickly providing correctly sized portions.
USAGE FLOW: How Monica and Ben order their lunch with my-Diet.
Portfolio-Wenxi Li_Page_13.jpg
Portfolio-Wenxi Li_Page_13.jpg
Because Monica wants to choose a close canteen for a quick lunch, so she chose the RCA canteen. After a digital communication with the canteen, Monica got a recommended amount of each dish. She tried to choose carrot salad, yet the salad has nuts, which she is allergic to. Eventually, she chose high recommend dishes for lunch.
For nutrition balance, the vegetable is put in a big lunch box, protein is put in a middle lunch box, and carbohydrate is put in a small lunch box. After payment, the scale of each chosen dish will be visualized on each box.
Portfolio-Wenxi Li_Page_14.jpg
Portfolio-Wenxi Li_Page_14.jpg
Ben received lunch alert at the same time as Monica and also chose the RCA canteen. After matching the daily menu with his dietary data, he got different to recommend. He chose high recommend dishes.
After payment, the scale of each chosen dish will be visualized on his lunch box set.
How does the system decide on which dishes to recommend to each individual?
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Life-goal: Because Monica wishes to control body weight, therefore, the recommended amount of dishes containing fat and carbohydrate will reduce. The recommended amount of dishes containing fiber will increase. For Ben who wishes to build muscle, the recommended dishes are different.
Life-goal is related to not only body weight, but also body fat, and energy-burning associated with daily activities. Of course, the right mix of various nutritions is required for any life-goals.
Allergy: Because Monica is allergic to nut, therefore, the dish containing almond will grey out.
Food preferences: As seafood is Monica's favorite, so smoked salmon is highly recommended. On the contrary, she doesn't like caraway, reduce! To meet different ingredients preferences, recommend dishes will dynamically change.
Food intake record: Monica has eaten peas 3 times continuously, reduce!