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Music experience for deaf people
/Solo Project
/Imperial Festival exhibition
Music is one kind of emotional information that our ears perceive, but for deaf people, they need some emotional information that their body and skin can sense—Music for skin.
Currently, the most popular method connecting sound and deaf people is vibration. Solid object vibration could transfer a song into vibration. Yet the song is designed for ears, and the frequency of normal song is not for skin. Furthermore, solid objects are not emotional enough for expressing music. I want to explore other methods based on skin. 
Firstly, I explored the relationship between the force of the air and the mood. When forth is strong, people tend to feel excited. When force is soft, people tend to feel calm.
Secondly, I explored air shape - circular air shape (out from fan) and straight air shape (out from air compressor). Circular air shape can access larger skin with a more emotional feeling. 
Thirdly, I tested the air frequency. People could feel well if the frequency is less than 3 seconds. Beyond frequency, I tested air direction. Air frequency and air direction can work together to create one stronger emotional feeling.
Force of air, air shape, air frequency, and air direction can influence musical perception. I composed an air song for skin by involving different elements dynamically together, and blind people can enjoy it.